FORV Sagar Sampada
Technical Committee  
The composition and terms of reference of the SS-TAC shall be as under:
1 Sh. V. Ravindranathan, former Director, CMLRE Chairman
2 Dr. B. Chakraborty, Scientist NIO, Goa Member
3 Dr. B. Meenakumari, Director, CIFT, Kochi Member
4 Dr. P. Mishra, Jt. DG(Tech), MMD, Chennai Member
5 Dr. K.K.C Nair, Scientist in charge (Retd), NIO, Kochi Member
6 Dr. R. Damodaran, Professor (Retd), School of Marine Science, Cusat, Kochi Member
7 Prof. R. V. Rajakumar, Department of Ocean Engineering, IIT, Kharaghpur Member
8 Sh. T. V. P. Bhaskara Rao, Advisor, MoES, New Delhi Member
9 Director(F), MoES, New Delhi Member
10 Dr. V.N. Sanjeevan, Director, CMLRE, Kochi Member Secretary

The Fishery and Oceanographic Research Vessel (FORV) Sagar Sampada, belo-nging to the Department of Ocean Development and managed by the Centre for Marine Living Resourcea & Ecology, an attached office of the Department at Kochi is a National Facility for carrying out Research and Development programme in the fields of the Fishery and Oceanography. The Sagar Sampada Technical Advisory Committee (SS-TAC) is her-eby constituted to guide the Department in the effective utilization of the national facility, FORV Sagar Sampada

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