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  • World Ocean Day

    World Oceans Day is observed to remind everyone about the major role the oceans play in everyday life. It is described as the lungs of our planet, providing most of the oxygen for the biota to breathe. Oceans provide food, medicine, huge employment potential , conserve precious cultural heritage, conducive environment for biota, maintain ecological balance, control weather systems and many other inevitable services. The anthropogenic activities of humans on ocean is beyond the level of tolerance and therefore, most of the oceans are under threat of sustainability and hence urgent interventions warranted. Recognizing the seriousness of the issue and the pressing demands from millions of people and thousands of R & D institutions and academia around the world the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution in December 2008 , officially recognizing 8 June as World Oceans Day each year. In this background the world ocean day is being celebrated to conserve oceans.

    Ocean Society of India (OSI) observed the world ocean day on 8th June 2019 at Mararikulam Beach. The programmes conducted were: Interactive Sessions on various aspects of oceans and beach cleaning. The interactive awareness programme on oceans was conducted in which 90 students from High School to College level, Active fishermen who are deeply involved in ocean conservation, teachers, officials from CMLRE , NIO, NPOL, Universities, NGOs participated. The sessions were successfully handled by Dr. M. Sudhakar, President of OSI; Prof. Jayachandran, Vice-President of OSI; Dr. C. Revichandran, General Secretary OSI; Dr. Baba, GC member, OSI; Dr. Prasada Rao, GC member, OSI; memebrs of OSI, namely, Dr. Santha Devi, Dr. Kesava Das, Dr. Sajeev, Dr. Anand; Mr. Isaac, native participant, Mr. Sebastian, a teacher, Mr. Girish, Manager Marari Beach Resort and others.

    Marari Beach cleaning was conducted during the afternoon and all of them participated and collected huge plastic waste and the waste was disposed for recycling by Marari Beach Resort.