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Complementing the utility of data archived at the data center, the objective of the Referral Center is to preserve and maintain representative subsamples, of the marine living resources including plankton, fishery and benthic samples collected during FORV cruises for future studies and references by researchers and academicians. The Referral Center thus aims at promoting research and development in marine living resources and ecology for several years ahead, making use of the adequately preserved specimens and samples.

Phytoplankton, zooplankton, benthic organisms and deep-sea fish samples collected during FORV cruises 165-367 sorted to genus level are preserved at the Center in separate vials. Subsamples of organisms from the Deep Scattering Layers (DSL), collected through the above cruises, have also been preserved and maintained. The Referral Center further also maintain echograms on acoustic backscattering recorded during cruises 165-200, beyond which acoustic recordings through the EK60 echo sounder are available in digital format. CMLRE took the initiative for preparing the first digitized inventory on marine bio-resources on the Indian EEZ. The inventory covers 5000 species recorded from Indian waters.